The Villa and its history…

During the Roman Empire, it was a very important villa, thus demonstrated by its water tank and large warehouses. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Saturnia and the Villa were most likely abandoned.

In the Middle Ages, humble houses were rebuilt over the rubble, which in turn were completely demolished by the Sienese army. With difficulty in the mid-1800s, new homes were built, but the misery of the time did not permit the restoration of the prestigious dwelling, and the underlying area became a travertine quarry.

Around the early 1900s, a Mr. Innocenti (the inventor of the innocenti tubes and the lambretta) fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a stonecutter, who was working there to earn a living, and financed the reconstruction of the old mansion as a gift to his wife.

In 1930, skillful stonecutters built the pretty swimming pool, entirely excavated onsite from travertine and surrounded by giant walls, which guarded the two lovers from indiscreet eyes.

Around the 1960s, it became the property of an English admiral, and subsequently of a family from Bolzano, who began to transform the villa into a hotel. After a few years, it was bought by Mr. Giancarlo Ghezzi (still the owner and our uncle), who was attracted to the beauty and location of the Villa.

Since 2000, we have continued to welcome our guests as part of our family with great pleasure.